Laptop Ergonomics and Get Rid of the Heat

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Is Your Laptop Hurting Your Health?

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LapGenie - to work on your laptop anywhere in comfort, without the heat!

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Laptop Ergonomics and Get Rid of the Heat

How to make it easier and more comfortable to work on your laptop.

Is Your Laptop Hurting Your Health?
By Pauliina Roe,

Laptop computers are a bad design, ergonomically. When you work with a laptop on your lap, the laptop forces you to bend your neck downward to see the screen, and your keyboard isn't in a good position for your wrist. All these positions can cause problems.

When you look down at the screen, you put strain on both your neck and your back. Ask someone with a bad back - it can be painful. The wrist isn't in a good position to type - and can promote or aggravate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

There is also the problem of heat - the laptop, whether plugged in or running on a battery - can build up heat that makes the laptop very hot on your lap. Dust build-up inside the laptop can aggravate the amount of heat. You should regularly blow compressed air through the vent holes on the laptop. Heat can cause not only scalding on the lap, and discomfort, but also can cause fertility problems in men.

There are ways to help with the laptop usage, to make it more comfortable and healthy. You might be able to find some sort of heat sink to distribute the heat away from the laptop. You can find a laptop desk to position your laptop better - get the heat off of you while lifting the keyboard to a good position, and lifting the screen to a higher position so you don't have to look down at it. Sometimes your desk at home can place the laptop in a better position, but optimally you should have the keyboard lower than the screen, with the screen at eye level.

Most laptops cannot be positioned in an optimal way to be ergonomically correct, but you can make some effort to get it in a better position to keep more comfortable. Just try to raise the screen toward eye level, and keep the keyboard lower so your wrist can be parallel to your elbow as much as possible.

If you feel symptoms of pain or stress when using a laptop, give it a break and use a regular computer for awhile, until your symptoms subside.


Pauliina Roe is LapGenie representative - LapGenie is an ingenious laptop desk that can position your laptop to as close to ergonomically correct as possible, plus take care of the laptop heat problem. Pauliina was involved in the early patent stage of the project. Find out more about the LapGenie at


P. Roe writes "Wise Little Tidbits" - with tips on optimizing your websites and your computer. Free to Subscribe:
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Relief for your back & neck when using a laptop, and eliminate the heat.
Laptops are ergonomically awful - the screen and keyboard aren't in the right places to keep yourself healthy - you have to lean over to work with it, and then there s the problem of heat - which can and does cause other health problems. One wonderful invention is the LapGenie - it is an adjustable desk to set your laptop into the best position it can be. It folds up for easy travel, and has many other uses. Check it out. It's made a huge difference to me and a lot of people. Highly recommended!

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