Site Graphics or Content?

What do you want your web site to show? Who is your audience? Would they wait long for your site to load up? Site Graphics or Content?

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Site Graphics or Content?

When building your website, should you concentrate on content or site graphics (the artwork, the banners, the product photos, the bells and whistles)?

Ideally, if you are trying to gain business or sell something, content is the most important factor. You need to make sure people know immediately what you are offering, and how it will help them - what is in it for the customer. If they can read it and understand it as soon as they glance at your site, then you reach your goal.

Adding the extras to your site may or may not be a good option. Graphics and colors tend to take too much time to load up, and people tend to click away if they have to wait more than 5-10 seconds. You might want to add some color in places, but not too much, or soften the white background. You might want to add navigation buttons, but perhaps not many photos or banners. It will depend on what you are promoting. If you are selling a product, then you should have a photo, or as many photos to show that are needed so people can see what it is about, and can do.

Any time you add graphics or photos or color, make sure to compress them prior to adding them to the site. Make them as compact as possible without losing important quality. You can use compression tools to check both your site loading time (see below), and to compress graphics. Try to keep the entire site at a 25-35 K size. Look for your site file in the computer and right click your mouse on it, then look at properties on the menu. On the properties you will see the file size.

As you are adding content to your site, do concentrate on using keywords so that people will be able to find your site on a search. Don't use them in any unnatural way - use them only in sentences that will sound "natural" when saying or speaking them.

Keep tweaking your site after you've uploaded it - you can compare it to the competition and keep working on yours - make it search friendly and customer friendly. Once you get your site optimized for the customer, it will go a long way in getting customers to come back, and to buy or use what you offer.


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