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Check Your Site in a Browser

By P. Roe,
Wise Little Tidbits

If you've not seen what your website looks like from a browser (not just your site editor program) as you've uploaded to the Internet - you might be in for a surprise. I haven't had much time to maintain my sites or keep up with things, having recently moved, and when I pulled up my site from the Internet on a browser I immediately knew why I wasn't getting any business from it!

I found that a script I was using, a simple script, had gone bad. It had caused my content to look like a bunch of characters - not at all anything readable. It also popped up a "download" that might put who knows what on someone's computer. I didn't know what the problem was at first, but I had to redo the scripted part anyway, so once I got it taken out, I uploaded to the 'net and none of the problems appeared anymore - my site was cleaned up. Whew!

Sometimes links and pop-ups go bad as well - they might direct to a sleazy site, or to an expired program, or set up an automatic download. In some affiliate programs, the links have changed to new domains, or new linking methods - the old links may still lead to the right area, but you no longer are tracked for credit. Always take the time to make sure your links are working and log in to your affiliate sites to see that the links you are using are current. If there is an office ability to check for bad links clicked but not giving you business - use it!

Lead-Away Links

When you are designing your web pages, make sure not to link away from your site at the top of your pages. Make sure you have your content first and foremost, at the top of the page. Any banners or links that point visitors away from your site should be placed lower than the main text that explains the purpose of your site. Not only will you retain your site visitors (they aren't clicking away from your site), but the search engines don't spider away from your site. Try to place your own links within your website first, before external links.

Add Links of Value

When exchanging links with other sites, make sure to exchange links with other sites that are complementary and add value to your site, and your link adds value to the other site. Don't add links just to add links. In the same way add only related affiliate links to your site not unrelated programs. This not only adds value for the visitor, but also keeps your linking legitimate with the search engines. They don't rank sites well if the links are not complementary to the site. Visitors don't relate well to sites with varied programs of no relation. The only thing to do is make sure your links follow the theme of your site to a large degree.

Link All Your Pages From Main Index Page

When you are building your website, make sure the index page, the main page of your domain, contains all your links for the rest of the site. This way, when you submit to many of the search engines, they will automatically index the rest of the pages from the links on your initial page. Some search engines won't search a URL past the ".com" part of the link if you submit these engines will only search for In this way, your "free" site will not get added to those search engines, unless you linked to it on your index page.

P. Roe does website optimization work, and is working on her sites all the time - many are in number 1-10 ranking on Google and Yahoo! Subscibe to "Wise Little Tidbits" for more optimization tips.
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