LapGenie (TM) - Heat Reducing, Ergonomic, Portable Lap Desk & Laptop Desk/Support

The LapGenie Company is FOR SALE!

Sorry - we are no longer selling the individual units of the LapGenie as we are looking to get a new owner to take the company over. Bear with us during this transition and hopefully all will get up and running again shortly.

LapGenie is a multiple use Laptop Desk or Lap Desk - adjust laptop position to put keyboard and screen in proper ergonomic position, to alleve neck, wrist and back strain, and to get the laptop heat away from you.

Are you uncomfortable when using your notebook computer, or reading, or writing paperwork?
Need to eliminate laptop heat? (heat on the lap can cause complications for men)?

Forget that - you CAN be comfortable! See how well you can position the LapGenie to comfortably use your laptop computer, or do other work, sitting on a chair, even in bed or on the go, without the heat. Use when sitting on an airplane, in the waiting area, in the car or bus (if you're not driving), even just to position your laptop on a desk or table (to get the keyboard in good position, and lift the screen so you need not bend down to look at it).

Using a laptop may be hazardous to your health.
Great product for the pregnant or convalescing.
What price do you put on your health?

Eliminates: Laptop Heat - Neck, Arm, Back Strain - Discomfort
Promotes: Comfort - Versatile Use - Proper Ergonomic Laptop Position - Health - Easy Travel
Use It As: Laptop Desk - Portable Desk - Lap Desk - Podium - Child's Desk - Reading and Writing Desk - Bed Desk - Book Support

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Laptops are not a good ergonomic design - click here. Adjust your laptop with the LapGenie for optimal ergonomic comfort.

LapGenie can get the heat off of your legs: see here. Laptops build up heat - whether plugged in or running on a battery. Let LapGenie make you more comfortable, without the heat.

LapGenie can be used in several ways; check it out.
Work on your laptop in comfort, without the heat.
Do paperwork on it, anywhere.
Read a book on it.
Place a cookbook on it and prop it so it's easy to see while cooking.
Use it as a podium.
Kids can use it as a desk, or a stand to watch DVDs on while traveling.

LapGenie can be used to help many people who have health challenges - find out more. LapGenie can help people who are bedridden, to be able to work in bed. LapGenie can adjust your laptop or book or other work so you can even work in a prone position in comfort. Also great for the pregnant or convalescing. What price do you put on your comfort and health?

LapGenie travels well. LapGenie is very portable. LapGenie can be folded into a flat position to easily fit into a briefcase. LapGenie can be used in a car, on an airplane, in a motel room - almost anywhere you need to take your work.

LapGenie is great for kids - see what they can use it for.

LapGenie comes in two sizes. The regular size is good for people whose thighs are up to 19 inches wide. If your thighs are more than 19 inches wide when sitting, you should order the Extra Large (XL) version. See better LapGenie size details here. LapGenie XL can open wider, and the desk can sit a bit higher. The desk portion is a bit bigger - it can accomodate a larger laptop if needed.

LapGenie is attractive. Regular LapGenie comes in colors of black, gray, blue and fuschia. LapGenie XL is available in black and gray.

LapGenie is affordable for its superior quality.

I assisted with this project early on, to help with its patenting process. I have been using the LapGenie ever since it was finalized. I am very impressed with it, and it makes a big difference in back and neck strain, plus the strain on my arm and wrist from typing at awkward levels - not to mention getting rid of the laptop heat! I can adjust it into any position that is right for me, anywhere I am. And I don't have to experience the annoying heat from my laptop! I recommend it to anyone who uses a laptop, and especially to anyone with back, neck or other problems (or to prevent back, neck or wrist problems). I feel it is a superior product and will last many years, and travels well - it folds up to a small notebook size, and is lightweight for easy, portable use.

Email or call 303-349-7096 with questions.

LapGenie Company is FOR SALE!

If you are interested in purchasing this company please let us know. It is a great quality product as shown above - but the owner is retiring from the business and due to other complications it needs a new owner. There are repeat orders from certain hospital and medical places. It needs to be marketed to these places more effectively and units will sell. Everyone has been happy with their LapGenie. Please call 303-349-7096 to discuss a potential to own the LapGenie business.

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